I love this. Last night I wrote that my goal for today was to chart my direction and priorities for 2018 and create a basic roadmap to achieve them. I opened this this morning (I joined last night) and found this. It is perfect.

Goal 1… To become healthier by losing at least 50 lbs. Long term habits and rationalization have been my barriers. I need to choose healthier foods, use portion control consistently, walk regularly and do strength training. This is important to me to show my family we have the capacity to change our lives and to have the physical strength and capacity to do the things that are important to me.

Goal 2… To create and bring to market a proprietary product on Amazon that will net me 30K in 2018 and create a foundation for a profitable and scalable Amazon business. Fear about competition and required resources have left me spinning my wheels in 2017. I need to step up and follow proven protocols to choose and market my product. This is important to me to create financial freedom to give generously to things that matter to me (17% of my income goes to charity and causes dear to my heart. I want to increase it to 20% but also increase the dollars significantly.) I want to be a role model for those who are struggling financially that they can change their future just as they see me doing.

Goal 3… To create a Shopify store using the same product developed for Amazon to diversify my income stream. This will create the foundation for another profitable and scalable business. In 2018 I am looking to net at least 10k from this. Lack of a product, lack of knowledge, lack of resources have kept me from starting to seriously explore this. I need to get the product and invest in learning how to go about creating a profitable Shopify store. My why is the same as in goal #2. I am looking forward to the financial freedom to do the things that matter to me. I want to make a statement to my family about their capacity to change by taking them on a mind blowing vacation in 2019.

Goal 4… To create a blog focused on our capacity to change. I want to build a list of 1000 passionate subscribers and find a way to monetize it so that it nets me at least 10K in 2018. I have started this and set it aside due to technological challenges. I describe myself as born before the technology gene came standard in our DNA. Technology terrifies me and my efforts to hire what I don’t understand have been singularly unsuccessful. I need to bite the bullet and decide what technology help I need and how best to find it and just do it. This matters to me because my true passion is our power to grow and to change. I believe this is a God given ability that we each have and we have a responsibility to magnify and to help others on that road.

Goal 5… To write and publish a book that is motivational and uplifting and facilitates and supports change in the reader. Fear and fractured focus about exactly which book I need to write for which market has kept me spinning my wheels. By March 1, 2018 I need to choose the book and create a writing structure that will bring this to fruition. My why is simple. As I plowed through a minefield looking for how to heal from my abuse I found answers in how I could heal by changing me and my perceptions, and by using spiritual and psychological tools. I have known I need to share them with others who have trauma they need to heal from.

By the way….I am 71 years old and I believe we are never to old to change. Thank you!


“It’s not about your history, it’s about your choices” Discover how to create your unique definition of success. Learn how now https://www.adalloyd.com/7pillars

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Ada LLoyd

Ada LLoyd


“It’s not about your history, it’s about your choices” Discover how to create your unique definition of success. Learn how now https://www.adalloyd.com/7pillars