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The Costco Lie … We Value All of Our Customers

Ada LLoyd
6 min readJul 16, 2021


Why do stores pander to rude customers while disrespecting multiple customers who play by the rules, and then expect the customer to be loyal to them?

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I love Costco. There are many things they do a great job of. On a recent Friday evening, every checkout line was open. That says to me that they value me and my time as a customer. Then they shoot themselves in the foot big time.

They talk, but they don’t walk. If you value me as a customer then you respect me. Respecting my time is one way you do this.

When you demonstrate an equal commitment to all of your customers then you are showing them that you value all of them. When you tell me through word and action that another customer is more important than I am, I don’t feel valued and respected. It does not inspire my loyalty. I don’t expect preferential service. I do however expect equal respect.

My Story

This particular Friday evening, I stopped by my local Costco. My intent was to pick up gift cards for a local restaurant. They didn’t have any for the restaurant I had chosen.

I figured that as long as I was there anyway, I would pick up a few items. Those few items wound up being $95.29.I chose a line and was grateful all the registers appeared to be open and I assumed I would be on my way shortly. The man in front of me only had one item in his hand.

As he arrived at the front of the line his wife arrived with an armload of additional items. My reaction was it figures — she left him in line to hold a place while she shopped. It happens.

Then she said to the man assisting the checker “Could you go get me a two-pack of baguettes. They are all the way in the back corner.” He took off. At this point it was obvious she knew she was gaming the system. She knew she didn’t have time to gather up her other purchases and the baguettes and get to the line before her husband was at the front of the line. It was all about her and her time.

I just watched. Had the man who went for the baguettes been back before the rest of her purchases had been rung up, I would have rolled my eyes but it would have been no harm no foul. As her…



Ada LLoyd

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